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Guide to Volleyball shoes and Its Benefits Millions of dollars have been spent in researching volleyball shoes. This has made people believe that volleyball shoes has an advantage over other shoes when it comes to playing volleyball. But that is basically true. There are a lot of people playing volleyball who don’t exactly wear volleyball shoes, and instead they wear normal cross trainers, basketball shoes or even running shoes. If you are new to the game of volleyball then it is understandable why you wear these kinds of shoes, but sooner or later you need to change it to the real thing, the appropriate shoes for wearing for a volleyball game. The reason for this is because volleyball shoes are designed to help you play better, and for other reasons given below. If you wear light shoes there would be less resistance when you jump in the air. You will be surprised how light volleyball shoes are. They are designed also with the front of the shoe pointing slightly upwards. It encourages players to stand on their toes. The ready position in volleyball is standing on your toes. You cannot move real quick if you are standing on your heels. When you are on your toes you are able to move much faster. You will notice that the material for the sole of volleyball shoes is a very soft compound. This provides the best grip possible on a shiny, wooden court. This type of shoes are better for grip than any other shoe for this type of surface, and this alone makes them worth buying. They are also designed with plenty of spring and cushion so that you can easily jump and land without the shock force that would exist if you wore any other kind of shoes. You will know straight away that they work well if you by yourself a pair of volleyball shoes.
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You should consider your budget when you buy your volleyball shoes. There are a variety of volleyball shoes depending on price, shape, colors, and quality. If you just play volleyball for fun then you can simply get the cheap shoes in the market. Playing for the national team or any official team should require you to buy top quality volleyball shoes. A pair of volleyball shoes should be comfortable to wear, lightweight, and breathes easily and that will also ankle braces to be worn underneath without any issues.
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Many people take a lot of time to find a set of shoes that are the right colors, so that they stand out quite a bit. When you shoes is poorly designed you don’t feel comfortable wearing them especially if you have to wear them for a long time during the whole game.